Tuesday, 13 October 2015

A beautiful 32 page, fully illustrated children's book in A4 hardback. Raf and the Robots is an everyday story for poly and other diverse families.

Celebrate family diversity with your kids. Buy your copy today!

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

What people have said about 'Raf and the Robots'

"Hi Sarah, my boy loves your book!!!" - Elysia, Melbourne

"I highly recommend Raf and the Robots for children and families. For children whose families include more than two adults, it will be a welcome chance to see their family reflected in the stories they read, for conventional families, it will show children that other family styles exist, and for all children it’s just a good story." - Jessica Burde, Polyamory on Purpose
"Raf and the Robots is a simple tale about a little boy growing up in a polyamorous family. The subject of the book is not about polyamory, in fact the subject of the book is a subject dear to many polyamorists’ hearts – scheduling!" - Louisa Leontiades, Postmodern Woman
 "I am a member of a poly-fid quad, 2 families, 2 houses, 4 adults, 5 kids ages 3-9. I am glad you are writing a book on this topic. Our kids are all matter-of-fact about our lifestyle... Our community might be small, but it is also full of love!" - Tam, Portland.
"It's a subject close to my heart... my nephew is also biologically my son as I was an egg donor for my sister (he's the kids' half brother which blows their minds a bit) so I know how important it is to have open honest conversations about diversity in families." - Rose, Melbourne. 
"We just read your story 3 times before bed!!!!!!! He even read it to himself. He loved it."
"Our family has just been approved to become foster carers and I would love to be able to give a copy of the book to each child that comes through our home as well as have a copy here to read to them. Making a child feel welcome with open arms and hearts is our aim, I'm hoping your book will help that process." - Jodie, Melbourne
"It's gorgeous! I love the story and the illustrations are just brilliant. It makes me feel like a kid again reading it." - Melissa, Melbourne
"On the way home from school, I could hear the girls giggling giggling giggling. I asked them what was so funny and they said it was SO funny they couldn't even tell me. We got home. The giggling continued and then I realised what they were laughing at. "The Dad can't read Raf's story because he is on the toilet" said Sage. And they kept laughing laughing laughing. I think they like your book." - Sheree, Melbourne

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Louisa Leontiades reviews Raf and the Robots!

Last night, after a few scheduling troubles thanks to timezones, Sarah had a lovely long chat with Louisa Leontiades (Postmodern Woman). So many things to talk about - writing, raising children in polyamory and the various challenges associated with explaining relationship styles and consent to kids. Louisa's review is heartwarming and even brought a tear to Sarah's eye upon reading it for the first time. (That could just be the pregnancy hormones mused Louisa -- yes, Sarah is expecting a baby in just a couple of months!)

You can read the review for yourself here: Raf & The Robots by Sarah J. Corner ~ Alternative Literature for Children

Louisa, along with Franklin Veaux & Eve Rickert (More Than Two) and Dr. Elisabeth Sheff (The Polyamorists Next Door), is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to publish three new books on polyamory in 2015. Find out more about their project here.

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Friday, 3 October 2014

Launch of 'Raf and the Robots'

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Today I received the loveliest picture with the caption, 
"Hi Sarah, our boy loves your book!!!" 

What an absolute delight! It's so lovely to see little ones enjoying Raf and the Robots. How is your family enjoying the book? Send us a message and/or photo to sarahjcornerbooks@gmail.com


Monday, 29 September 2014

Review from Polyamory on Purpose

Jessica Burde of Polyamory on Purpose has written a fantastic review of Raf and the Robots. 
Click here to read the review!

Here's a snippet:

"When I first heard about Raf and the Robots I was hopeful but not excited. Writing children’s books isn’t easy (says the author who can’t manage it), and to do it without introducing the adults as fitting some pre-defined category is even more challenging. I was delightfully surprised when I read the review copy I received. Raf and the Robots is a well written and engaging story. Unlike many children’s stories about non-normative families, it doesn’t focus on Raf’s family. The story is about Raf’s need for someone to pay attention to his story, and how he learns that just because someone says “not now,” it doesn’t mean “not ever.” In this, Raf’s experience reflects what Dr. Eli Sheff found when interviewing children of poly families–family is just a part of Raf’s reality, not what his life is about."


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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Raf says hello to Paris!

This lovely bookstore in Paris, 'Le Pied de Biche', has just become the first bookstore in all of Europe to stock Raf and the Robots! 

Thank you Tiffany for making our day and for bringing our book to the children and families of Paris. 

If you are living or visiting in Paris, why not pop in and see the book for yourself? Or maybe even buy a copy for your family, for your nieces, your foster child, your metamour's stepson or your surrogate's children. :)   

Le Pied de Biche
Galerie d'art
86 Rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris


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Monday, 15 September 2014

Bi Visibility Panel on 3CR

This week Sarah appeared as a guest on 3CR's Out of the Pan with Sally Goldner. The panel discussed bi visibility, parenting and Raf and the Robots. To listen, go to: http://www.3cr.org.au/outofthepan and stream the interview where it says "Latest Episode". After this week the podcast will be available further down on the page under the date of the show: "14th September". Happy listening!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Upcoming Book Launch!

The wait is finally over! Australia's first poly/queer children's book "Raf and the Robots" is being launched at Hares & Hyenas bookshop (Fitzroy, Melbourne) Sunday 28th September from 5.30pm.

Let someone else feed your kids and read to them before bed! Bring them along to our special evening launch (in their pyjamas if you wish!).

- Finger food, free drinks & robot-led* activities (for young and old) from 5.30pm.

- Speeches by the author and special guests from 6.15pm.

- Storytime - a reading of "Raf and the Robots" by author Sarah J Corner at 6.30pm.

- Food, drinks, fun and book signing until closing time.

Can't wait to celebrate with you all!

* Not actually real robots!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Ordinary Extraordinary writes about us!

A big thanks to Anna and Alan at Ordinary Extraordinary for writing about Raf and the Robots on their blog! 

You can read the article here and don't forget to check out some of their other fantastic poly-themed posts while you're there.