Thursday, 22 August 2013

Media Release Aug '13



RELEASE DATE: 22 August 2013

By Sarah J Corner, Children’s book author

Melbourne Australia - The crowdfunding campaign for Australia’s first queer / polyamorous children’s book is on the verge of meeting its $6000 target.

School teacher and author Sarah J Corner wrote Raf and the Robots in response to the lack of children’s books showing polyamorous families and those outside the usual mum-and-dad model.

As of 22 August, the crowdfunded project has already smashed $4,500 in pledges and aims to raise $6,000 for printing, marketing and illustration costs.

Sarah says the flood of pledges shows there is a strong need for this book.“I found myself wondering where is the book that my daughter can read about a family like hers. I started thinking about all the children whose families are a little different, and wondered how they must feel.”

“My friend’s daughter came home from childcare one day crying after a‘paint your family’ activity because her painting was like nothing she saw around her. I then realised I’d just have to write such a book.”

The book takes a subtle approach, focusing on young Raf’s troubles in getting his happy but busy family to read his latest story. The everyday tale is set amongst a deliberately ambiguous family of two women and a man. This could represent a polyamorous, lesbian or blended family, or many other configurations in which children are raised and loved.

It will be printed and distributed using crowdfunding and social media. The one month funding campaign with Pozible ends on 7 September, with strong interest from groups as diverse as teachers, queer and poly networks, feminist and other bloggers, and parents in general.

Communication specialist Grant Bailey is a fan of the book. “The task of fairly representing the great diversity of human ways of being and relating is nowhere near complete. This book contributes to that worthy goal by making unique, mixed and modern families visible and understandable. I will be reading this to my daughter.”

Interested people can support this project at:




For interviews or further information please contact Sarah Corner

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Pozible Update #2

Hi supporters,

Wow, what a week it has been! Here are some things you may have missed...

Last Tuesday Sarah was interviewed on Joy fm's drive show with Anastasia and ShaPow. They talked about polyamory, families and our book 'Raf and the Robots'. They said they were really stoked to have Sarah on their show and Sarah was equally stoked to have been given the opportunity to plug the launch party and the Pozible campaign. Anastasia has promised to send out the podcast of the interview early this week so keep an eye on our Facebook page for when we post that (just in case you missed it).

Our Pozible launch was unbelievably successful. We got 60 people through the door and almost doubled our pledge total in just a few hours. Sarah talked about why she wrote the book, the importance of writing for kids in unconventional family structures and the processes involved in writing a children's book. The raw artwork straight from the illustrator was put together with Sarah's handwritten storyline in a display book for viewing. After her speech Sarah asked the crowd to make themselves comfortable on the floor, seated like school children and ready for a story. She then read the book in its entirety to big applause and smiles all round. Afterward Sarah answered some great audience questions from "Is the Great Northern Hotel missing your patronage now that the book is finished?" to "Is the next book going to be about Raf too?" The answers to those questions are below for anyone who missed it. All in all it was a fun event with drinks from the Hare Hole house bar and a yummy selection of antipasto. Guests were able to make their pledges on the spot and there were many cheers throughout the night as we watched the tally go up on the big screen. So exciting! We'd like to do a big shout out to Crusader and the crew at Hare Hole for allowing us to use their gorgeous space and for all the support they have given us in relation to publicity for the event. Next time you're looking for a good book pay them a visit. Hares & Hyenas 63 Johnston St Fitzroy.
- Is the Great Northern Hotel missing your patronage now that the book is finished?
For those of you who don't know I wrote most of the book in the beer garden of the Great Northern Hotel in North Carlton. I had a babysitter for four hours every Monday afternoon which is the time when the pub is completely quiet. I had the whole sunny beer garden to myself to sit and work on the book. I went there just this week actually and the bar girl said to me "Where have you been? We haven't seen you in ages!" I replied "I've been away but I've finished the book!" She was really excited for me.

- Is the next book going to be about Raf too?

Probably not, although I have really fallen in love with Raf while writing this book. I am planning on having a transgendered character in the next book. So far that's my only plan. I've got to get this book out first and then I can get in touch with the creative process again to write the next one.

- And our favourite comment of the night...

"Can I just say how lovely it is to sit on the floor and have a book read to you by a school teacher." Thanks Forth for this awesome comment. It was a pleasure to share the story with you.
After our big week of publicity we have made it over two-thirds of the way to our goal. We still have 20 days and 32% of our target amount left to go. We are told that there is usually a lull period in the second and third weeks of a crowdfunding campaign so it's time to think outside the box and think of new ways to reach people. Have you got a cool idea that could help us through the lull period? Email Sarah directly at :D

Thanks supporters,
Until the next update...
Sarah & the Stories for Unique Families Team.