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RELEASE DATE: 22 August 2013

By Sarah J Corner, Children’s book author

Melbourne Australia - The crowdfunding campaign for Australia’s first queer / polyamorous children’s book is on the verge of meeting its $6000 target.

School teacher and author Sarah J Corner wrote Raf and the Robots in response to the lack of children’s books showing polyamorous families and those outside the usual mum-and-dad model.

As of 22 August, the crowdfunded project has already smashed $4,500 in pledges and aims to raise $6,000 for printing, marketing and illustration costs.

Sarah says the flood of pledges shows there is a strong need for this book.“I found myself wondering where is the book that my daughter can read about a family like hers. I started thinking about all the children whose families are a little different, and wondered how they must feel.”

“My friend’s daughter came home from childcare one day crying after a‘paint your family’ activity because her painting was like nothing she saw around her. I then realised I’d just have to write such a book.”

The book takes a subtle approach, focusing on young Raf’s troubles in getting his happy but busy family to read his latest story. The everyday tale is set amongst a deliberately ambiguous family of two women and a man. This could represent a polyamorous, lesbian or blended family, or many other configurations in which children are raised and loved.

It will be printed and distributed using crowdfunding and social media. The one month funding campaign with Pozible ends on 7 September, with strong interest from groups as diverse as teachers, queer and poly networks, feminist and other bloggers, and parents in general.

Communication specialist Grant Bailey is a fan of the book. “The task of fairly representing the great diversity of human ways of being and relating is nowhere near complete. This book contributes to that worthy goal by making unique, mixed and modern families visible and understandable. I will be reading this to my daughter.”

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