Wednesday, 4 September 2013

LOTL Review

Last week Sarah did an interview with Lane Sainty from Lesbians On The Loose Magazine. Read the article below or click on the link to go to the LOTL page. You'll find heaps of other great articles there too!

Successful crowdfunding campaign for polyamorous children’s book

Sarah Corner, a Melbourne schoolteacher, authored Raf and the Robots after realising there was a distinct lack of children’s books portraying non-nuclear families in Australia. “There are really only a small handful of books with poly themes in them worldwide, and I thought that this was needed,” she said.
By Lane Sainty 

Successful crowdfunding campaign for polyamorous children’s book

Australia’s first children’s book to address polyamory will soon be a reality, with an already successful
crowdfunding campaign to end on Friday this week.

The book revolves around Raf, an imaginative boy who has written a story which nobody in his family— consisting of three adults and two younger siblings— has time to read. The book makes no attempt at explicitly defining familial roles, an entirely deliberate decision on the behalf of Corner.

“I feel that children’s books are a really great avenue for normalizing what people would consider ‘different’ or ‘unusual’ when it comes to families,” said Corner. “I really wanted to make the point that these families are normal families. And I felt that the best way of getting that message across was by not actually making a big deal about it.”

Corner also hopes that the lack of direct reference to polyamory will mean that many different families can be represented in the one story. “It might not represent a poly family to some people, it might be a lesbian couple with a donor father, or a family of single parents all living together,” she said. “I did want it to be ambiguous so that more
people were able to make meaning out of it.”

Corner says that while support for Raf and the Robots has mostly been drawn from her base of Melbourne, they’ve had promising signs of interest elsewhere. “We’ve also had some interest from the US and we’ve had some responses from places in Sydney and the rural areas of Australia as well,” she said. “We’ve been overwhelmed with the amount
of support we’ve had so far.”

Although the crowdfunding campaign has now reached its $6000 target, those who would like to see Raf and the Robots in print are still being urged to donate. According to Corner, who is planning to self-publish the book, the $6000 was the minimum needed to ensure
Raf and the Robots could be printed. Any extra money could help improve the quality of the book, including graphically designed text, sturdier stitching and printing on heavier paper which would make the book more child friendly.

Want to donate? Check out the Pozible campaign here:

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Monday, 2 September 2013

Pozible campaign meets target!


Today is a very fine day indeed! The sun is shining here in Melbourne town and we have just hit our funding target of $6000 thanks to YOU.

I would like to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for your support throughout the campaign. For the pledge you made. For the updates to pledges you made to get us over the line. For the posts you wrote on your social media about us. For every 'like' and 'share' and 'retweet'. For your lovely words of encouragement on our Pozible page or our Facebook page. For getting your friends and family on board. For sharing in our excitement. For attending our launch party. For being one of the 125 people who believed in this project enough to help fund it. <3

We cannot wait to get your rewards out to you so we can thank you with gifts as well as words. If you haven't already please log into your account and ensure that we have your postal address details (if you pledged $25 or more). Simply put, if we don't have your address we can't send you the book once it's been pressed!

Our first print run will be a beautiful full-colour hardcover book. So for those of you who ordered it THAT'S what you'll be getting in your mailbox in a few months time. This is our one and only hardcover print run so if you know of anyone who might like to order a copy then let them know they still have 4 days left to preorder.

My mind is buzzing and I feel so happy I could leap over the moon. Thank you so much for helping make my dream a reality. :-*

I would also like to publicly thank my partner Marcus for his unbelievable support and excellent assistance with the campaign. He has put many, many hours into this writing press releases, doing mailouts, contacting groups and media among other things. There's no way we could have run such a successful campaign without his support.

Thank you, thank you, yes you who is reading this - thank you!

Love Sarah xo