Friday, 29 August 2014

The books have arrived!

(Sarah pictured with Sylvie from BookPOD as the books arrive.)

Hello supporters,

Do you know what's in those boxes? I'll give you one guess...

You guessed it! It's our book! The one we brought to print because you supported our idea.

Now, while I am very much excited to have my hallway filled with boxes of "Raf and the Robots" I'm even more excited to start individually wrapping them and saying goodbye to them. I can't wait for these babies to find their place in your homes and your laps.

If you have any friends who missed out on participating in the campaign but would like a copy of "Raf and the Robots" please direct them to our shop.
Thank you everybody!

Sarah and the Stories for Unique Families crew.

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Monday, 18 August 2014

Pozible Update #15 - It's printed!!


Today is a very exciting day indeed! After a lovely morning at playgroup with my daughter we got a knock at the door and it was the COURIER! I keenly tore open the package and inside were two perfect hardcover copies of 'Raf and the Robots'...

I just couldn't contain my excitement (a bit like our character Raf in the story). Here's a pic of me proudly holding up my story (with Raf on the cover doing the same with his story)...

It really has come up so amazingly well and we are so happy with it. The quality is exactly as we were hoping it would be. The colours in Kia's illustrations are just as rich and bright as the originals. The book has a good, sturdy hard cover and nicely weighted pages that can withstand the test of child fingers. In fact, I personally tested this out with my two and a half year old just now...

Here are a few more snaps of my little darling enjoying the finished book for the first time. To my joy one of the first things she did as she flipped through the pages was point to each of the characters and give them names - each named after the people in her own family. I wonder what names your children will give these characters?



Just think, in only a couple more weeks the entire shipment will arrive and we can start sending YOUR copies out to you. How exciting! :D

Talk to you then wonderful people...

Love Sarah xo