Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Louisa Leontiades reviews Raf and the Robots!

Last night, after a few scheduling troubles thanks to timezones, Sarah had a lovely long chat with Louisa Leontiades (Postmodern Woman). So many things to talk about - writing, raising children in polyamory and the various challenges associated with explaining relationship styles and consent to kids. Louisa's review is heartwarming and even brought a tear to Sarah's eye upon reading it for the first time. (That could just be the pregnancy hormones mused Louisa -- yes, Sarah is expecting a baby in just a couple of months!)

You can read the review for yourself here: Raf & The Robots by Sarah J. Corner ~ Alternative Literature for Children

Louisa, along with Franklin Veaux & Eve Rickert (More Than Two) and Dr. Elisabeth Sheff (The Polyamorists Next Door), is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to publish three new books on polyamory in 2015. Find out more about their project here.

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