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Raf and the Robots

Set in a deliberately ambiguous unconventional family, young Raf learns 
about getting his timing right.

The family in the book could represent a number of real family situations - a poly family, a couple with a donor or surrogate, a blended family with an involved ex, sisters living together, or many other configurations.

This book was written with the belief that all children should be able to see their families depicted in the stories around them.  

Full colour illustrated picture book. A4 size.
Available for a limited time in hardback.

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Things people have said about Raf and the Robots...

"Hi Sarah, my boy loves your book!!!" - Elysia, Melbourne


"I highly recommend Raf and the Robots for children and families. For children whose families include more than two adults, it will be a welcome chance to see their family reflected in the stories they read, for conventional families, it will show children that other family styles exist, and for all children it’s just a good story." - Jessica Burde, Polyamory on Purpose


"I am a member of a poly-fid quad, 2 families, 2 houses, 4 adults, 5 kids ages 3-9. I am glad you are writing a book on this topic. Our kids are all matter-of-fact about our lifestyle... Our community might be small, but it is also full of love!" - Tam, Portland.


"It's a subject close to my heart... my nephew is also biologically my son as I was an egg donor for my sister (he's the kids' half brother which blows their minds a bit) so I know how important it is to have open honest conversations about diversity in families." - Rose, Melbourne. 


"Our family has just been approved to become foster carers and I would love to be able to give a copy of the book to each child that comes through our home as well as have a copy here to read to them. Making a child feel welcome with open arms and hearts is our aim, I'm hoping your book will help that process." - Jodie, Melbourne


"It's gorgeous! I love the story and the illustrations are just brilliant. It makes me feel like a kid again reading it." - Melissa, Melbourne


"On the way home from school, I could hear the girls giggling giggling giggling. I asked them what was so funny and they said it was SO funny they couldn't even tell me. We got home. The giggling continued and then I realised what they were laughing at. "The Dad can't read Raf's story because he is on the toilet" said Sage. And they kept laughing laughing laughing. I think they like your book." - Sheree, Melbourne



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