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"Telling kids about polyamory is difficult enough. We have very few tools and structures outside of our own communication strategies. Which is where Sarah’s book (and future books) come in.  Sarah’s household has 4 children (soon to be 5!) of varying ages. From her unborn child up til teenage years (one of whom is now immortalised as Raf, in a family which curiously resembles her own). She’s a primary school teacher and knows the varying capacities of children struggling to understand the world they grow up in and the complexities that talking about concepts at odds with society’s norms bring. Her next book she says, will include trans* characters and perhaps even in future talk about consent. A difficult enough concept for adults, let alone children who are forced to eat their vegetables much against their will…"

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Review of Raf and the Robots on Polyamory on Purpose...

"Raf and the Robots is a well written and engaging story. Unlike many children’s stories about non-normative families, it doesn’t focus on Raf’s family. The story is about Raf’s need for someone to pay attention to his story, and how he learns that just because someone says “not now,” it doesn’t mean “not ever.” In this, Raf’s experience reflects what Dr. Sheff found when interviewing children of poly families–family is just a part of Raf’s reality, not what his life is about."

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Podcast of Sarah Corner's appearance on 3CR radio, talking about bi-visibility, parenting and Raf and the Robots.

Ordinary Extraordinary writes about Raf and the Robots...

"We were very glad to discover something wonderful this week. Sarah Corner of Melbourne, Australia—“a qualified Early Childhood Educator, mother and author” has used the crowdsourcing site Pozible to raise funds for a children’s book about a form of polyamorous family."

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Video of Sarah's interview on Bent TV's Dig Deeper with Malice Black. Sarah is on at around 18.45mins.

Mojo Student News video about Raf and the Robots.

Lesbian's on the Loose review of Raf and the Robots...

The book revolves around Raf, an imaginative boy who has written a story which nobody in his family— consisting of three adults and two younger siblings— has time to read. The book makes no attempt at explicitly defining familial roles, an entirely deliberate decision on the behalf of Corner.

“I feel that children’s books are a really great avenue for normalizing what people would consider ‘different’ or ‘unusual’ when it comes to families,” said Corner. “I really wanted to make the point that these families are normal families. And I felt that the best way of getting that message across was by not actually making a big deal about it.”

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Sarah's radio interview on Joy FM - Sarah talks to Anastasia and ShaPow about Raf and the Robots.

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